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Peter Sanders Jornades Fotografiques de Platja d'Aro
peter Sanders Fotoplatjadaro
Peter Sanders Jornadas Fotograficas de Platja d'Aro

Peter Sanders

The art of seeing

Saturday 01 & Sunday 02 October 2016, 10'00 - 19'00 h

2 workshops of one day each.


Peter Sanders offers two identical workshops of one day each. These will be very intensive workshops, where Peter takes us through his work and inspirations, shares his perspective and experiences and - if the weather and time allow it - invites us to put it into practice with a small shooting at the exterior and the joint editing of some of selected images.
1. The art of seeing
  • Travel photography by Peter Sanders
  • Peter's Influences
  • Challenges and considerations for travel photography and different cultures
  • What is Beauty?
  • Paparazzi, Reportage or the Silent Observer
  • Light, Shadow and Portraiture
  • B/W Versus Colour
  • Landscape.
  • Architecture
  • Inspirational Thoughts and Images
2. The practice
  • Shooting at the exteriors (each participant with their own camera or device)
  • Editing, Retouching
About Peter

From Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan to the King of Morocco: A journey through culture and spirituality

Peter Sanders is the world’s pre-eminent photographer of the Muslim world. For more than 45 years, he has captured over half a million images in about 40 countries, reflecting a rich traditional civilization filled with warmth, humanity and compassion.
Peter began his career in the 1960s as one of London’s leading rock and roll photographers, and his images of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, among others, are today considered classics of the period. After trekking through India and Morocco, meeting Hindu swamis and Sufi saints, he found his true calling: to share with the world images of the people and places enlightened by knowledge of the Divine. Over the next five decades, he crisscrossed Asia, Africa and Europe, seeking those who have “awoken” as well as the spaces that have traditionally inspired people to experience presence and wholeness.
His publications include the photo-essays ‘In the Shade of the Tree’ and The Art of Integration. Peter is presently finalising work on ‘Meeting with Mountains’, a unique photographic record of Muslim saints from around the world.
A multiple award-winning photographer, Sanders has held ‘The Art of Seeing’ photographic workshops across the globe and held exhibitions ranging from places as varied as Jerusalem and Stockholm to Timbuktu and Los Angeles. In the process, he has created the most comprehensive library of images of Islam, a library that is continually expanding.
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Language: EN (with translation into ES/CAT)



Inscriptions are free, but seats are limited. Each participant can incribe in ONE of Peter's workshops (i.e., a participant cannot repeat in both on Saturday and Sunday).

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