Winners 2020

“Educating the Eye”


International photography contest for photographers of all levels.


The creativity and expressive capacity of the projects will be especially valued.


A total of €5,250 in prizes, distributed among 5 winning projects.

Winners of the VII edition

The 313 authors from 41 countries have presented 385 projects and 4146 photographs with styles, themes, techniques of great variety and quality. The 3 specialists of the jury have selected these 5 winners:

1st Prize

Antonio Aragon

2nd Prize

Jui Ching Tai

3rd Prize

Tony Tirado

Prize young author

Xavier Clement

Prize local author

Alba Jovani

1st Prize

Antonio Aragón Renuncio – Childhood lost (The hole)

Antonio Aragón Renuncio is a 49-year-old photographer, teacher, organizer and editor in the world of photography. Born in Cantabria, he currently resides in Nicaragua and with more than 250 exhibitions and more than 200 international awards, he is a photographer with significant international recognition and prestige. His work is always committed to conservation, health, poverty, the disappearance of ancient cultures, discrimination, sustainability and the environment.

“El hoyo” talks about the artisanal gold mines in Burkina Faso; of the frantic and restless work going in and out of the depths. He talks about lost childhoods, about tons of land. How for a handful of gold dust that will be the food of an entire family, hundreds of meters deep, barefoot, stuffed with drugs, they are betting against death day after day.

“Somewhere out there on the harsh, inhospitable plain full of rocks…
…a great light at the end of the tunnel.”

2nd Prize

Jui Ching Tai – After night

Jui Ching Tai (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), 66, belongs to the Chinese Artist Photography Society. An engineer by training, for his work in the field of architecture he began studying photography in 2001. In 2005 he left his previous job to dedicate himself to photography professionally. He currently works as a photographer and photography teacher. On an artistic level, his work is framed within contemporary abstract photography.

AfterNight, What is behind the bustling beauty? That is the inspiration that leads the author to explore the traps and the “sinister nightlife” of the city; that dark side that appears when the hustle and bustle of a city of luxurious life fades, when the day leaves and the night comes. Tai accompanies his six images with six short texts that give us a gateway to an intense narrative of his images: “Sex and the city”; “Enter the labyrinth to find someone”; What are you looking at?”; Who is the thief of the voyeur?”; “Triangle of cold eyes of love?”; “At the ghost door”

3rd Prize

Tony Tirado – Oxymoron

Tony Tirado, born in Valencia and resident in Vila-Real, is a 61-year-old photographer, graphic designer and publicist. In the work Oximoron Tony uses the structure of this rhetorical figure where two words with opposite or contradictory meaning are contrasted to create a set of images that are born with the intention of denouncing the effects of climate change.

In Oximoron the author uses images taken over three years in different countries, which share the same problem: what used to be water today is desert. In his oxymorons, the author combines desert images with others with an abundance of water to highlight this difference and his desire for it to be a reversible state.

Young Author Award

Javier Clemente Martinez – Pastors

Javier Clemente Martínez (Madrid) is a 29-year-old freelance photographer, who is mainly dedicated to the development of documentary projects focused on social causes, the environment and cultural conservation.

In his work Pastores Javier Clemente brings us closer to an activity almost as old as humanity, shepherding. The author tells us: “All the food we can eat is born in the countryside, from the land, thanks to shepherds, as the protagonists of this project, also to farmers, fishermen and all kinds of workers who strive every day to nourish us. to all of us.”

Local award

Alba Jovani – Mayfly

Alba Jovani (Girona), 38, is a photographer and social educator; He works mainly in gastronomic photography, artist and family books. On an artistic and personal level, he develops the idea of photography as an educational and transformative element through the “Transforming Photography” project initiative.

In Ephemeral mythology, she is the daughter of Chaac, god of water and rain, and Nix, goddess of darkness and the stars. She is the goddess of faded moments and fleeting moments. Through the myth Alba shows us the need to reconnect with nature to be more aware of the mistreatment we are giving it. This project works in a low key, a dark photograph where “even in the dark we can find flashes of light”.