Winners 2021

“Educating the Eye”


International photography contest for photographers of all levels.


The creativity and expressive capacity of the projects will be especially valued.


A total of €5,250 in prizes, distributed among 5 winning projects.

Winners of the VIII edition

The 291 authors from 37 countries have presented 334 projects and 3697 photographs showing their concerns, perceptions, emotions and plastic creations. The 3 specialists of the jury have selected these 5 winners:

Joana Casas Poves - Fins que el confinament ens separi | Fotoplatjadaro
1st Prize

Joana Casas

Katy Gómez - Trashumancia, ir y venir entre vereas | Fotoplatjadaro
2nd Prize

katy gomez

Diego Pedra Benzal - Degradación | Fotoplatjadaro
3rd Prize

Diego Stone

Ana Sánchez Viaje - Ánima | Fotoplatjadaro
Prize young author

Anna Sanchez

Helena Aguilar Mayans - Dreamers of Decadence | Fotoplatjadaro
Prize local author

Helen Aguilar

1st Prize

Joana Casas Poves – Until confinement do us part

Joana Casas Poves, a resident of Vic (Barcelona), is 55 years old and has a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Image, from the University of Barcelona. Joana herself combines photography with the world of the public library and cultural dynamization. Finalist and winner of different photographic competitions, she regularly collaborates with the 3e1 Gallery in Vic.

“Until confinement do us part” is a set of 14 images that create a chronicle of the experiences of the author and her partner of home confinement derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. The author uses photography as a tool to face the world and to try to understand a complex and at the same time distressing reality.

“In this hermetic setting with a fictional atmosphere, under the threat of an invisible but constant enemy, we built a new daily life in which optimism, delirium, evasion, despair and fear alternated.”

2nd Prize

Katy Gómez – Transhumance, go and come between sidewalks

Katy Goméz Catalina, 57 years old, resident in Úbeda, Jaén. She is a veterinary doctor by profession and a photographer by passion. For her, photography provides a way to enjoy life more passionately. Her work is framed in the photographic essay and travel, which are the two constants in her career. She considers herself a creator deeply seduced by the human element. As a photographer, she has been awarded the gold medal at Trierenberg Super circuit, 2021 Àustria; Alpha Female Awards finalist at the 2020 Sony World photography award, London; absolute winner in Travel photographer of the year TPOTY, 2019 London; Sony World Photography Award 2018, London.

In “Transhumance, go and come between sidewalks” the author approaches the world of transhumance, which is an activity declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2019 for helping to model the relationship between men, animals and ecosystems. In her work, she follows the García Rico brothers, transhumant shepherds, along the cattle trails of the province of Jaén, through 9 migrations.

3rd Prize

Diego Pedra Benzal – Degradation

Diego Pedra, born in Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona, is a 73-year-old photographer and designer. He studied design at the Massana School in Barcelona and was part of the 10×4 group of photographers. In 1986 he created the photographic magazine “La Cortinilla” and years later “La Fotografia”. Diego Pedra is a photographer with an extensive career of exhibitions, awards and recognitions.

In “degradation” the author shows a project made up of 12 diptychs. In each diptych we find on the left side photographs of statues from cemeteries in different degrees of degradation and to the right side of the diptych reproductions of photographs exhibited in the niches, degraded by the passage of time. The work is a reflection on the effort we make to try to make the memory of our loved ones last and how the passage of time inexorably erases it.

Young Author Award

Ana Sánchez Travel – Ánima

Ana Sánchez Viaje (Santander, Cantabria) is a 33-year-old photographer who defines herself as essentially influenced by literature. Being its main references: Maria Luisa Bombal, Juan Rulfo and García Márquez. In 2019, she was awarded a scholarship from the “Twelve Gazes” program and thanks to this award she completed a residency with the artist Ellen Kooi.

In her work “Anima” , the author develops a photographic essay where she delves into the evolution of the concept of the anima. How the idea of the soul has been modified throughout history in the field of philosophy and in society without ever reaching an absolute answer. It wants to make visible these eternal questions that humanity has asked and continues to ask about: who we are? what is the anima? and if it really exists.

Local award

Helena Aguilar Mayans – Dreamers of Decadence

Helena Aguilar Mayans (Olot), 32 years old, studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Her work explores the relationship between beauty in decadence and femenine spaces. The author travels through Europe in search of abandoned spaces where she recreates her images and explains that her photographs are a door to other realities. Faced with the abandoned spaces, she wonders: “what would these spaces inhabited by women have been like?” The author recreates the space thinking of the concept of Virginia Wolf’s “own room”, who defended the need for economic independence and a “own room” understood as a private space and time that belongs to a person that allows them to reflect, think , create… without external interference.

In “Dreamers of Decadence”, Helena places us in decadent and forgotten spaces where nature is recovering the territory. In this space, she presents a female character dressed in historical clothes, which according to her is in harmony with the space. They are women, she explains, who are in these spaces freely, they write their own story and prefer abandoned castles or nature as traveling companions.