Winners 2022

“Educating the Eye”


International photography contest for photographers of all levels.


The creativity and expressive capacity of the projects will be especially valued.


A total of 5,250 € in prizes, divided between
5 winning projects.

Winners of the IX edition

346 authors from 55 countries have presented 420 projects with different visual proposals of high expressive and aesthetic level. The 3 specialists of the jury have selected these 5 winners, which in this edition coincide in their majority with a sample of the current social diversity.

1st Prize

Elena Bulet

Hanna Jarzabek - Fuera del mapa | Fotoplatjadaro 2022
2nd Prize

Hanna Jarzabek

Walter Dario Nicoliello - Menonitas, detenidos en el tiempo | Fotoplatjadaro 2022
3rd Prize

Walter Dario Nicoliello

Md. Joati Zobayer Hossain - We live to fight | Fotoplatjadaro 2022
Prize Young Author

Md. Joati Zobayer Hossain

Prize Local Author

Xavier Sureda Massaguer

1st Prize

Elena Bulet – Pretty

Documentary photographer, born and raised in Barcelona (1997). Through photography, video and archival materials, her work reflects on communities, gender identities and social justice. Currently, she’s studying at the International Center of Photography in New York and has done projects in Spain on Latin American women asking for asylum, in Chile, on social problems and Colombia on post-conflict and and the construction of the peace by women. 


Pretty” is a project that is focused on the life of a 25-year-old non-binary person, rejected by his family when she began to transition, and part of the “ballroom” scene. The “ballroom” is an activity that unites different styles of dance and performance created in the 1960s in New York by young Latinos and African-Americans belonging to the LGTBIQ+ community. The “ballroom” scene is made up of different houses or foster families, where their members compete in “balls”, either dancing “voguing” or performing other types of performances.   

2nd Prize

Hanna Jarzabek – Off the map

Hanna Jarzabek is a 46-year-old Polish photographer who studied political science and worked as an analyst-scientist for agencies such as the UN, UNRWA, OCHA and UNCTAD in the field of defense of refugees. Since 2008 she lives and works as a freelance photographer in Spain and has published her reports in media such as El País, XL Semanal, BuzzFeed News, L’Obs, Equal Times, 5W magazine, Interviú, El Periódico de Cataluña and Gazeta Wyborcza among others.

“Off the Map”
is a documentary work in which Hanna takes us to Transnistria, a country born after its unilateral separation from Moldova in 1990. Two years later, its inhabitants had to defend what they now consider to be their country. with arms. From the inside, Transnistria has all the characteristics of a state: government, currency, passport, borders and armed forces; however, to the outside world it does not exist. How do you live in a place that doesn’t exist on any map of the world? This question is what she tries to answer with her project.

3rd Prize

Walter Dario Nicoliello – Mennonites, arrested in time

Walter Dario Nicoliello is a 54-year-old Argentine photographer who began in the world of photography in 1987 and has been training and working ever since. In his work we find very precise and geometric compositions, added to a very meticulous technical treatment. The work presented by “Mennonites”, is a project that originally consists of 50 black and white photographs and has been awarded in numerous international competitions.

In “Mennonites, arrested in time” the author introduces us to the Mennonite community of Guatrache in the Pampa, which was the first Mennonite community established in Argentina. Through his work, he shows us the day-to-day life of this community that lives with values and technologies very different from ours. Where they still move with animal traction, work in manual trades and live a life without great luxuries or ornaments.

Young Author Award

Md. Joati Zobayer Hossain – We live to fight

Md. Joati Lobayer is a 27-year-old photographer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After studying engineering, his passion for photography led him to obtain a professional diploma in photography, and dedicate himself to documentary work focused on gender equality, cultures and underrepresented communities.

In his work “We live to fight”., which is a long-term project that he is still developing, Joatu delves into the different cultures that exist around the learning and practice of martial arts in Bangladesh, with a special interest in unexplored stories from underrepresented communities, such as children in rural areas for whom martial arts are a form of self-defense against sexual or social harassment.

Local Award

Xavier Sureda Massaguer – Venice Beach

Xavier Sureda Massaguer, 54 years old (Santa Cristina d’Aro), has been member of the Agrupació fotogràfica de Sant Feliu since his youth. He has worked as a photographer from very young age and worked as freelance press photographer for most regional newspaper, especially in El Punt, Diari de Girona and Avui.

“Venice Beach” is one of the beaches of Los Angeles, California, where the author found what he considers “two essentials factors to take a photograph”. One, the fantastic light, especially in the famous “Golden Hour” sunsets. Two, the very varied characters as subjects of the images. In his work, which is still in progress and which he hopes to expand until he has enough material to edit a book, he transports us to this particular place, together with the characters that inhabit it.