Photographic Days 2022

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Quality of Sustainable, especially the characteristics of development that ensures the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Photography and sustainability.

It is difficult not to recognize that one of the most important challenges facing humanity today is sustainability.

Betting on a possible future in fields that are so diverse but interconnected, such as environmental health, respect for cultural diversity and new work realities, is the main mission of many organizations and governments.

Given this scenario, we try to contribute our tiny grain of sand, through photography, in the necessary reflection and awareness of our personal responsibility in sustainability.

This year, we invite you to join us at the IX Jornades Fotogràfics de Castell-Platja d’Aro i s’Agaró where we ask ourselves, and our speakers and participants, if photography, in all the areas covered by this activity, is sustainable.

We reflect on the impact of photography on the environment, on ethics and respect for people, on health, …

We will also discuss the impact of photography on the trips we take and analyze the messages we send through our photographs.

We reflect. We debated. What is the impact of photography on sustainability?

Photography and the environment
Is it in the environmental field? Is the production of chips, batteries and the rapid replacement of models and materials of digital photography it more polluting, or the chemicals and waste of analog photography? Do we consider our “footprint” when we plan a photographic session?

Photography and travel
Is it culturally sustainable to invade spaces, cultures and traditions in order to get a photograph? Is it sustainable overcrowding in specific places, on selected dates, before certain events to get the same photograph?

Photography as a profession
Is the profession of photographer sustainable, in itself, in a hyper-competitive world, oversaturated with images and image producers?
And with a trend to the moving image, fast consumption?

Photography and health:
Is the incessant amount and type of images that invade us daily sustainable? What is the impact on our well-being?

Photography and awareness:
Is photography still an effective tool for raising environmental, social and cultural awareness? Do you contribute to a more sustainable world?

Photography and inclusion:
How can we contribute to a more inclusive society?
Do we have a sustainable visual language, for everyone?

Program and speakers