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Social journalism, between sustainability and ethics. The Namaland’s Dream case. (workshop 1)


05/11 | Niccolò Bruna & Davide Camesasca (Shoot4Change)

Namaland ‘s Dream is a photographic, journalistic and cinematographic reportage that Niccolò and Davide have realized in a community of the Nama people of the Kalahari Desert. It is a social project that began in 2017 and has now materialized in the construction of a foster home for girls and boys in the community.



  • Presentation of the Namaland’s dream project and projection of the photographic exhibition The Location.
  • Workshop phase 1: presentation of the participants’ projects (creation of working groups and explanation of the methodology).


  • Workshop phase 2: group discussion of the proposed projects.
  • Presentation of best practices, protocols and production techniques for video and photographic reports.
  • After a break of approx. 1 hour, this program is complemented by the screening of the documentary film The Lost Kids of Kalahari (42 minutes), with discussion between the authors and the audience.

It is important that participants bring a sample of their own work to work on in phases 1 and 2 of the workshop.

This workshop is similar to the Sunday workshop, but with a little more time and discussion on the screening of “The lost kids of Kalahari”. The Sunday workshop excludes the discussion part.

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Shoot 4 Change is a non-profit organization, founded by Antonio Amendola, formed by photographers, designers, artists and other dreamers (both professionals and amateurs) who share part of their time to make humanitarian reports for NGOs and other social organizations.

Shoot4Change started as a blog around two slogans (“Change the world with a click” and “Shoot locally, change globally”) and a new word (“Crowdphotography”) and quickly became an association, a movement, a collective group of photographers around the world, a new way of thinking about social photography, a new kind of online magazine and a HUB of best practices.

The associates promote ethics and sustainability in photography, use their cameras and writing tools to denounce unsustainable situations and help free of charge those organizations that do not have the means to publicize their social cause.

Davide Camesasca, photographer

Davide Camesasca, is an editorial photographer with more than 15 years of experience in documentary and architectural photography. During the 15 years of his professional career he has published his photographs in the main newspapers in Italy and Spain and has collaborated with The New York Times for the architecture column. He is represented internationally by AWL Images.

Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker

Niccolò Bruna, filmmaker, in more than 20 years of experience has made reports, documentaries and films in more than 30 countries, focusing mainly on social and cultural issues. He is a member of the Accademia del Cinema Italiano and has won several international festivals with his documentaries, including an Emmy Award in 2019 and nominated for the David de Donatello in 2012.


Article: Shoot4Change, next Generation project, photography workshop in Namibia

Article on the project of image education and initiation to photography with Nama children.

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Niccolò Bruna, Davide Camesasca




10.00-13.30h & 15.30-19.00h






Masía Bas; Av. de Fanals, 13, Platja d'Aro





This activity may be suspended for reasons unrelated to the organization due to the exceptionality caused by Covid-19., In the event that new restrictions were to arise, we would try to continue this activity online.

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