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From Photography to Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)


22/10 | Sergi Arbonés

Workshop: From Photography to Computer Generated Images (CGI).

In the midst of the “boom” of AI, we also wanted to draw attention to the technique of 3D CGI, which has been used for years in combination with photography in many projects of architecture, advertising, cinema, industrial animation, etc.

This four-hour theoretical workshop introduces us to the integration of computer-generated image to static photography and the moving image.

How can photography interact in CGI images and photorealistic 3D animation? How to prepare or illuminate a photograph, to edit it later in a 3D project? When can you get better results directly in CGI, and when is a real photograph better and when to combine both practices?

Sergi Arbonés, senior 3D generalist and regular collaborator in film and advertising productions, shows us, with practical examples, the possibilities of CGI in photography and introduces us to the usual tools for his profession.


Introduction to 3D Design and CGI Photography

  • What is CGI Photography
  • A bit of History and evolution of the CGI Image
  • When to use CGI (Static or Moving)
  • Benefits for my business
  • How is it different from traditional photography?
  • Sectors of application of CGI: Cinema, TV Series, TV Advertising, Industrial, Medical, Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Games, VR360, Mixed Reality, Jewelry, 3D Printing, Gastronomic Photography and a long etc …

Case studies

  • Sample examples of the different sectors of application of the CGI
  • Making off of some examples
  • Stages of the Production process of a CGI Project or 3D Image:
    References, Camera Tracking, 3D Modeling, Shading and Texturing, Animation, Lighting, Visual Effects, Rendering, Color Correction and Digital Output
  • Filming or Photography Set

Opening and analysis of CGI Projects and Animation / Effects

  • Advertising Photographic CGI Project
  • Cinematic CGI Project
  • Industrial Animation Project
  • Real Image 3D Integration Project

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Sergi Arbonés was trained at the University of the Balearic Islands in the Master of Arts Images Synthesis Computer Animation in 2000 and at Escape Studios London School in CGI Integration in Real Image.

Senior 3D Generalist with 20 years of experience as a Professor at the ESCAC (Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia), combining in parallel with the production of computer-generated images applied to the Audiovisual, Industrial and real-time sector for VFX in different Spanish and Foreign Film and TV Series Companies.



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Sergi Arbonés




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