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Reflections on photography and photojournalism


21/10 | Tino Soriano

Reflections on photography and photojournalism.

Tino Soriano is a renowned Catalan photographer of photojournalism and travel, who collaborates in magazines and publications such as El País Semanal, La Vanguardia Magazine, Viajar, Geo, Paris Match, El Express, Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel, National Geographic, etc. He has won awards for his photographic work from UNESCO, WHO and World Press Photo.

Apart from having forged an impressive photographic work, he dominates color like no one else, loves to teach how to see and is one of the professionals most committed to society through his camera.

In this theoretical-participatory workshop of about 5 hours Tino aims to propose a dialogue on the future of photography, photojournalism and documentary, from his experience of more than three decades. Works made by Tino as well as other real cases will be visualized and some of the first photographic images historically retouched will be shown, to end the new records of artificial intelligence.

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The author of the book “Teach me how to see” (Enséñame a Mirar) will propose different starting points, which can basically be summarized as:

The photo of the killed guerrilla and the girl and the vulture
Photographic equipment
Film and digital media
Data storage
Intentional use of images
Legal issues
Ideas for the future
Artificial intelligence


Tino Soriano has been awarded several times by UNESCO and is a recipient of the prestigious Mexican Silver Lens. He has five awards Fotopres, Spanish Photographer of the Year Fujifilm, NikonPro, Canon-Europe, the distinction “The Essence of Humanity” and a World Press Photo in the Art category.

In 2023 the Association of Journalists of Girona awarded him the Carles Rahola Prize for Institutional Communication. In 2018 the Generalitat of Catalonia awarded him the National Communication Award in the Press category. A year earlier he was awarded the National Prize Piedad Isla for his professional and teaching work over three decades. The Spanish Geographical Society also awarded him the Imagen-2015 Prize for his career as a photographer and traveler.

He has written and illustrated numerous photojournalism books and city and country guides.

He has collaborated with magazines around the world and received recognition from the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the WHO for the dissemination of health through his reports and was part of the small group of photographers of the National Geographic Society in Washington DC.


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